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Jahshan, Elias - This Arab Is Queer

Jahshan, Elias - This Arab Is Queer

SKU: 9780863564789
September 21, 2022  

This Arab Is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers 

A ground-breaking collection of memoir and personal stories by Arab LGBTQ+ writers.

‘We will repeat it often in the months that follow, to friends who were not there, to sceptics, to ourselves: in that moment, it felt like pride.’ For the first time, LGBTQ+ Arabs come together to share their personal stories of hope, struggle and love

This ground-breaking anthology features the searingly honest and moving memoirs of eighteen queer Arab writers – some internationally bestselling, others using pseudonyms. Here, we find heart-warming connections and moments of celebration, alongside essays exploring the challenges of being LGBTQ+ and Arab.

From a military base in the Gulf to whispers between lovers caught between the bedsheets; and from a concert in Cairo where the rainbow flag was raised to a crowd of thousands, to making it happen as a drag queen in exile, this collection celebrates the true colours of a rich, vibrant Arab queer experience.
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