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Current Donation Drives

Part of our mission at Under the Umbrella is giving back to the community in a variety of ways. One of those ways is with regular donation drives to get books into the hands of populations that need them most. 

About the Book

Ordinary Equality digs into the fascinating and little-known history of the ERA and the lives of the incredible—and often overlooked—women and queer people who have helped shape the U.S. Constitution for more than 200 years.

About the Organizations

Copies of Ordinary Equality will be donated to the following organizations:

  • University of Utah Prison Education Project

  • Ogden Pride

What's in it for you?

Beyond the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting a local queer business and getting queer books into the hands of individuals who need them, you also get this:

  • 10% off the list price of Ordinary Equality 

  • 10% off an additional item (in a separate purchase)

  • A free print by local queer artist—and the illustrator behind Ordinary Equality—Nicole LaRue

SLC Cheer

We’ve partnered with Cheer SLC to get three transgender children’s books into every public library in the state! You can buy and donate a copy directly to their campaign or purchase any book from this shelf and we’ll donate 5% of sales for you.

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