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Indie Author Consignment & Events

Part of the goal of Under the Umbrella is connecting local queer authors. One way we do this is through our consignment program and by providing space for author events! If you're interested in having your book distributed at Under the Umbrella, consider applying for our consignment program. If you are interested in holding a book signing or reading, you can apply for our author event program.


Congrats on publishing your book! 

When you sell items via consignment, you bring books to the store, which we then sell for you. The store keeps 40% of the proceeds and pays you 60% when the book sells. This means you do not receive payment up front.

We accept up to 12 consignment partners per quarter, at the store's discretion. Please do not come into the store to inquire about consignment opportunities without first reviewing the consignment agreement. In general, we only extend consignment agreements to local authors. If you are not local, you are solely responsible for shipping and handling to and from the store. 

  • Under the Umbrella only offers consignment to LGBTQIA+ authors. While in general we do stock books with queer content that are not written by queer authors, this does not apply to our consignment partners. Please only apply to be a consignment partner at Under the Umbrella if you are queer.

  • We are currently prioritizing BIPOC-owned consignment partners and encourage Black and Indigenous people as well as other people of color to apply.

  • There is an initial $10 set-up fee and an optional $10 fee to get set up on our website. 

  • Under the Umbrella pays artists 60% of the retail price for books sold and retains 40% as our sales commission. Payment is made monthly by check as items are sold. Pricing must be consistent for other books in the genre. 

  • Our initial consignment term lasts five months with a maximum of 5 books per consigner. 

  • Items must be professionally edited and professionally bound with a title visible on the spine. 

If you are a traditionally published author, we will order your book directly through your publisher. If you'd like to recommend your book to us, please email with your name, the title of your book, and your publisher. 

Author Signings and Readings

Interested in holding an author signing and/or reading at our store for your self-published book? Here are all the details you need to know.

  • Under the Umbrella only hosts queer authors. Please only apply to hold a reading/signing at Under the Umbrella if you are queer.

  • We require scheduling and marketing materials a month in advance minimum.

  • If your event is accepted, we will send you a contract and request a $10 deposit to hold the date of your event. This deposit can be refunded with cancelations made 48 hours in advance. 

  • We commit to advertising author events in our monthly newsletter, and via Instagram stories and 1 feed post. All additional advertising is the responsibility of the author. There is an optional $10 fee to have your event listed on our events calendar.

  • Authors are required to bring their own books, which the store will sell on their behalf the night of the event. We will retain 40% of the retail price as our consignment commission and write a check for 60% of sales at the end of the night. 

  • Holding a book signing or reading at Under the Umbrella does not guarantee a long-term consignment or wholesale relationship. If you are interested in selling your books via consignment, please fill out the consignment application linked above. 

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