Under the Umbrella is committed to providing an accessible space (online and in person) to all members of the queer Salt Lake community, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive, and physical disabilities. We continually strive to improve the accessibility of our website and our brick-and-mortar space for everyone.

Accessibility Measures

Here are a few measures we have taken to ensure digital and physical accessibility. Certain items are discussed in more detail below as well.

  • Accessibility is an integral part of Under the Umbrella's mission statement. 

  • We prioritize stories by and about disabled queer people.


We welcome feedback from our community. Please contact us if we have failed to provide accessibility measures that work for you. You can email kaitlyn at undertheumbrellabookstore dot com. We strive to respond to all feedback within five business days and propose a solution within ten business days.


Utah is predominantly white, which means there are even fewer places where the safety and comfort of queer people of color are prioritized. I’m white, so I recognize that there are limits to how comfortable I can make a space for people of color, but I want to make it clear up front to other white people that this space will prioritize the safety, accessibility, and comfort of people of color over white comfort.


Under the Umbrella is a sober space accessible to all ages and identities.


Some items we carry, including candles and soaps, are fragrant. We ask that visitors please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or other scented products (including essential oils) and smoke at least 20 feet away from the entrance to the space.


All images on our site and social media sites include image descriptions and alt text. All video includes subtitles and/or transcripts. Some may also include ASL interpretation.

If any images or videos on our sites do not include captions or descriptions, please let us know.


Preferential seating
Portable amplification systems
Sign language interpreters
Captioned media
Alternative formats