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Under the Umbrella generates income primarily from book sales, which covers only a portion of our costs. To be a sustainable, permanent presence for the queer community in Salt Lake City, we need your help. Here are a few of the programs that your donations will go toward.

Join Our Sustaining Membership Book of the Month Club
Sustaining memberships mean we don't have to worry (as much) about our rent, so we can focus on what's really important: sharing more queer stories, sustaining our queer community, maintaining free events and services, and paying queer artists a living wage.

Give & Take Wall

Under the Umbrella Bookstore hosts a Give & Take Wall in the store. Anyone can pledge any dollar amount or any item to another person. The store donates at least one $20 gift card to a person of color each month.

Queer the Classroom Gift Card

Donate to our community gift card to queer the classroom! Funds from this gift card are available to queer educations in Utah to purchase queer books for their classrooms (up to $50).

LGBTQ Books to Prisoners

Incarcerated queer folks are an integral part of our community! Unfortunately, many prisons make it difficult for incarcerated people to receive books. We work with the University of Utah Prison Education Projects to get LGBTQIA+ books to incarcerated folks in Utah Prisons. We are also working on a program to get queer books to queer incarcerated people in Utah.

Pen Pal Program

We have partnered with Black & Pink to create a pen pal program with incarcerated queer folks in Utah. Communicating with individuals in prison can be difficult--the prison system is intentionally set up with barriers to keep communication difficult. We provide all the resources you need to write a letter of support to an incarcerated queer person in Utah.

Little Free Library

The store houses a free queer little library for community members. That means that anyone can come and take a queer book for free. We encourage people to bring them back to share with others, but they may also keep the book for themselves. Community members can donate queer books directly to the library or donate to the store to help us stock it.

Community Resources

Under the Umbrella offers various resources for free to the community, including condoms, narcan, and fentanyl test strips. 

Under the Umbrella is not a nonprofit organization, and donations are therefore not tax deductible.

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