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Under the Umbrella Bookstore in the News

Support these five LGBTQ-owned businesses during Pride month and beyond

Utah’s indie bookstores are leading the charge against school book bans

Why Utah’s independent bookstore network is thriving

Alta’s Favorite Bookstores: Update 2

A bookstore becomes a gathering place for Utah’s LGBTQ community, of any age

Queer Bookstores Are Lit

10 Audio Picks From Under the Umbrella Bookstore

How Queer-owned Bookstores are Celebrating Pride Month

Cowley: Under the Umbrella Fosters Queer Community

Under the Umbrella: Salt Lake's Queer Little Bookstore

‘Under The Umbrella’ is a Local Queer Bookstore Providing Community

56 LGBTQ-Owned Bookstores You Can Be Proud to Support

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