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Community Partnerships

Building queer community in Utah and across the country

Salt Lake City is one of the ten queerest cities in America, but we have hardly any queer-specific spaces and even fewer that are accessible to all ages. Having spaces available for queer youth to feel safe and validated is especially important—check the FAQ section if you're interested in the stats about this—and we all deserve a space where we can be ourselves and build community. One bookstore isn’t going to change the world, but one bookstore can be a place of refuge, a place of validation and celebration, and a place to learn more about yourself and discover that you are not alone. 


"Community" for queer folks expands beyond geography. We create community and choose our queer families through our community partnerships with queer folks, queer organizations, and queer businesses.

Under the Umbrella offers many resources for connecting with other queer community members. We’ll have a little free library that people can donate to or take a book from, a small gender-affirming closet, space and resources to write a note of support to an incarcerated queer person, drag queen and drag king story hours, open mic nights, queer tarot readings, book clubs, and more.

Current Community Partners

  • ​University of Utah Prison Education Project

  • Black & Pink

  • Drag Queen Story Hour

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