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Consignment & Wholesale

Part of the goal of Under the Umbrella is connecting local queer authors, artists, and makers within the queer community. One way we do this is through our consignment and wholesale programs! If you're interested in having your book, artwork, or other handmade item distributed at Under the Umbrella, consider applying for our consignment program.


When you sell items via consignment, you bring items to the store, which we then sell for you. The store keeps 40% of the proceeds and pays you 60% when the item sells. This means you do not receive payment up front.

We accept up to 12 consignment partners per quarter, at the store's discretion. Please do not come into the store to inquire about consignment opportunities without first reviewing the consignment agreement. In general, we work exclusively with local Utah vendors. If you are not local to Utah, you would be solely responsible for shipping and handling to and from the store.

  • Under the Umbrella only stocks items made by queer artists and makers. Please only apply to be a consignment partner at Under the Umbrella if you are queer.

  • We are currently prioritizing BIPOC-owned consignment partners and encourage Black and Indigenous people as well as other people of color to apply.

  • Under the Umbrella pays artists 60% of the retail price for consignment items sold and retains 40% as our sales commission. Payment is made monthly by check as items are sold.

  • Our initial consignment term lasts five months with a maximum of 5 items per consigner. 

  • Items must be packaged, marked with a retail price, and include branding to your store at the time of drop off. ​

(full details available on consignment agreement)


If your product does well selling via consignment, Under the Umbrella may consider transitioning to a wholesale agreement. In general, we do not accept unsolicited wholesale agreements. 

  • Under the Umbrella only sells items made by queer folks! Please do not reach out to us about selling your products wholesale if you are not queer.

  • Under the Umbrella pays 50% of the retail price for wholesale items. This payment is made up front and is not contingent upon the sale of the item.

  • Under the Umbrella may determine the retail price for items sold in the store via wholesale.

You can find us on many wholesale platforms, such as Faire, Abound, Tundra, Handshake, and Bulletin. If you sell on those platforms--and are queer--please feel free to reach out!

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