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Antiracist Action Plan

Under the Umbrella and owner Kaitlyn Mahoney believe that Black Lives Matter. As a white business owner, I am committed to taking real action to dismantle white supremacy both in the store and in the community.  This action plan is a starting point to demonstrate the steps we plan to take to create an inclusive and affirming space for all people of color. I am white, so I recognize that there are limits to how comfortable we can make this space for people of color, but I want to make it clear up front to other white people that this space will prioritize the safety, accessibility, and comfort of people of color over white comfort.


This is a living document! If you have suggestions for how we as a business can do better with our antiracism efforts, please email

Action Plan

We commit to taking the following actions:

  • Perform an equity and inclusion audit on our current inventory and publicly post the results. We will incorporate this audit into our yearly inventory process.

  • Ensure that at least 50% of the books facing out on the shelves inside the store are written by BIPOC.

  • Ensure that at least 20% of our wholesale and consignment stock is made by BIPOC artisans and small businesses.

  • Use our social platforms to highlight and lift BIPOC voices, including highlighting at least one book per week written by a BIPOC author.

  • Provide financial and volunteer support to organizations promoting social justice.

  • Ensure that at least half of the monthly 5% donations from our community curation shelf go to BIPOC-led organizations and initiatives.

  • Offer free and/or sliding scale ticket options to all store events, with priority given to BIPOC attendees.

  • Divest from partnerships with organizations that support white supremacy.

  • Personally add at least one $20 gift card per month to the Give & Take Wall for a BIPOC customer.

  • Establish a Safer Spaces policy to be posted here by the end of 2022.

  • Create a Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training for all volunteers by June 2022.

  • Donate diverse books to schools and organizations that support youth of color.

  • Promote local small businesses run by people of color.

  • Take advantage of all opportunities provided by the American Bookseller’s Association and other industry groups to participate in antiracist workshops and activities.

  • We will not purchase tickets to conferences or conventions where less than 20% of the speakers are from underrepresented groups.

  • We will not participate in events or panels that do not have BIPOC panelists or organizers.

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