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Oniomoh, Viano - Just for the Cameras

Oniomoh, Viano - Just for the Cameras

SKU: 9798853137493
Sex worker couple Kian Kalu and Jordanne Daye decide to fantasise about their hot, untouchable flatmate and best friend, Luka Prince, just once. Just to scratch the itch. They totally don't want anything else from Luka-not his body, nor his heart.
The last thing Luka expects to come home to is his two sexy flatmates and best friends getting frisky underneath their blanket on the living room sofa. And for the first time in a long time, Luka lets himself want.
It was supposed to be one video for Jordanne's and Kian's subscribers.
One video. No strings attached.
Except now, Jordanne and Kian don't know how to let Luka go, not after they know how fucking perfect he feels between them. And Luka feels like maybe he can risk getting his heart broken again, if it means he gets to have Jordanne and Kian forever.
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