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Burgess, Emmett - The Lone and Level Sands

Burgess, Emmett - The Lone and Level Sands

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Follow the thrilling journey of Tarlos, the telekinetic prince of Kesh, as he unravels a dark family secret and confronts a murder plot. When the monster that took his mother also kills his twin brother, Tarlos embarks on a quest across the desert in search of the entrance to the afterlife.

But what he discovers is a universe beyond his imagination, where he must choose between immortality as a discarded god or a life well-lived that will inevitably end in death.

Experience the unexpected twists and turns as Tarlos comes face-to-face with ancient powers and unravels the mysteries of the multiverse.

Contributor Bio:Burgess, Emmett
Emmett Burgess (he/they) is a writer and a student of ancient history and linguistics. He lives with his family in Utah. His favorite color is blue.
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