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Woodson, Jacqueline - The Dear One

Woodson, Jacqueline - The Dear One

YA----November 11, 2010----Family - General

An intriguing look at teen pregnancy from a three-time Newbery Honor winning author

Feni is furious when she finds out that her mother has agreed to take a fifteen-year-old pregnant girl into their home until her baby is born. What kind of girl would let herself get into so much trouble? How can Feni live under the same roof as someone like that? Her worst fears are confirmed when Rebecca arrives: she is mean, bossy, and uneducated. Feni decided she will have nothing to do with her. But it's hard not to be curious about a girl so close to her own age who seems so different...

Rep includes two young Black girls and a lesbian side character
The author is a queer Black woman
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