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Woods, Poppy - Witching Moon: A Paranormal FF Romance

Woods, Poppy - Witching Moon: A Paranormal FF Romance

SKU: 9781656647191
Alandra Michaels is your everyday, run-of-the-mill, ordinary witch. She doesn't have an affinity for an element, like her sister. She can't speak to the dead, like her mother. Even her familiar--Beezelbub the moth--is a plain, non-threatening insect. Alandra is fine with that; she knows what she is and what she isn't. Or so she thought . . . When a spell goes wrong and a gorgeous woman shows up in her living room claiming to be the Moon, everything changes for Alandra and her magical abilities will be put to the test.Can she reverse the spell and send Luna back to her realm? Celestials never go to Earth anymore. When witches figured out they could harness their energy for ultimate power, celestials closed the doors to their own realms. When a beautiful young witch accidentally summons Luna to Earth, the clock begins ticking. Can she make it home before she's sacrificed for her power? Will she even want to?
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