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William, Phillip - Dear Itsie

William, Phillip - Dear Itsie

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It just shouldn't have been so bad. They had all the advantages; to the outside world they should have been admired, and in a way they were.

Phillip William's father was handsome, strong, and ever ambitious, and his equally strong and beautiful wife raised their three boys. There were no disadvantages for them. None. Except . . . the secrets, known only to them. The secrets they hid inside.

Beneath his father's success in his career was a hard-driving selfish man whose only concern was for himself. Phillip's mother was a suicidal alcoholic, and when she got drunk (which was often) she became abusive and manipulative. That was where Phill learned to keep secrets, to pretend to the outside world that everything was alright.

Dear Itsie is a memoir about uncovering, and for the first time, sharing the truth. The truth about Phill's past, the truth about the abuse he endured, and the truth about his sexuality, which he was able to hide for decades.
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