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Whittlesey, Christy - The Beginner's Guide To Being A Trans Ally

Whittlesey, Christy - The Beginner's Guide To Being A Trans Ally

SKU: J633233
Allyship----October 21, 2021----LGBT, LGBT Studies - Transgender Studies

What does cisgender mean? What are people saying when they refer to assigned gender? Why is it not OK to say 'preferred pronouns'? What is cis privilege? If you're curious about the answers to these questions and want to learn more, this book is for you.

This easy-to-read guide offers information and advice to anyone wanting to understand more about trans experiences. It explains what gender identity is and arms you with the correct terminology to use. Filled with real-life examples and FAQs, it offers helpful strategies to navigate respectful conversations, speak up against transphobia and create inclusive relationships and spaces. It's the ideal tool for anyone wanting to become a better ally to transgender and/or nonbinary people.

About the Author
Christy Whittlesey is an author, educator, public speaker and consultant who has worked in educational settings for over 17 years. She regularly collaborates with school districts and organizations to update policies and offer professional development to create gender-friendly learning environments and her first book, It's OK to Say They: Tips for Educator Allies of Transgender and Non-Binary Students, was a 2020 finalist for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Program. It was also a 2021 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist (First Horizon Award, Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List) and Honorable Mention recipient, Culture Category.
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