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Visaggio, Magdalene - Kim & Kim Volume 1

Visaggio, Magdalene - Kim & Kim Volume 1

SKU: 9781628751604
Kim & Kim are 20something besties out to make a name for themselves in the wild world of interdimensional cowboy law enforcement. Blending the punk exuberance of Tank Girl with the buddy adventure wackiness of Superbad (if Michael Cera was a trans woman and Jonah Hill a queergirl partner in crime), this two-time GLAAD-nominated and Eisner-nominated series focuses on the power and meaning of female friendships as engines of validation. A day-glo action adventure that’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Kim & Kim puts queer women and trans women front and center in a bright, happy, punk rock sci fi adventure that is queer as all get-out.
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