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[Valiant Entertainment] Livewire Volume 2: Guardian

[Valiant Entertainment] Livewire Volume 2: Guardian

SKU: 857514H
Livewire finds herself face-to-face with a brand-new foe
Investigating the disappearance of a young psiot girl, Livewire stumbles upon OMEN's answer to the psiot "problem," a facility where young psiots are taken and taught to control their powers. Is this facility the safe haven Livewire's dreamed of or is there something more sinister to this sanctuary?
One of the Valiant Universe's most powerful heroes continues down the road to redemption right here with rising star writer Vita Ayala (Supergirl) and artist Kano (Gotham Central)
Collecting LIVEWIRE #5-8.

Vita Ayala is a queer Afro-Latinx writer out of New York City, where they live with their wife and cat sons. Their work includes THE WILDS (Black Mask Studios), SUPERGIRL (DC), XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Dynamite), MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE (Marvel), LIVEWIRE (Valiant), and SUBMERGED (Vault), among others. They're non-stop, like Hamilton!
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