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Treleaven, Lou - Not Yet a Yeti

Treleaven, Lou - Not Yet a Yeti

SKU: P241863
A feel-good story about self-identity, growing up and family love.
It's not fair, George said to his mom when she came back from chasing some hikers. I'm still not yet a yeti.
Everyone in George's family is a yeti. Everyone except George. George asks his family when he will be a yeti just like them, but their answers are no help. After talking to his mom, George thinks about whether he wants to be a yeti at all! Maybe there's another mystical creature that he'd rather be?
A heartwarming picture book exploring themes of acceptance, identity and being yourself, perfect for young children. Funny throughout with bright illustrations, children and parents will enjoy reading this time and time again.
Target age group 4 to 9
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