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Townsend, Johnny - Life Is Better with Love

Townsend, Johnny - Life Is Better with Love

SKU: 9798885311052
From over 500 short stories published over three decades, author Johnny Townsend presents several of his favorites.

A gay couple steals from the rich to support their favorite charities.

Two young women vie for the affection of the same missionary.

A father with a speech impediment is forced into the spotlight after his daughter survives a school shooting.

A reporter seeks the identity of Salt Lake's new superhero-a masked man wearing temples clothes who mysteriously shows up at crime scenes.

Two young missionaries in the Pacific Northwest sneak out on a date.

An uncle awaits word on his niece caught up in the 2004 tsunami.

Missionaries in Rome try to prevent a terrorist bombing.

These are stories that celebrate love and life. Because "Life Is Better with Love."
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