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Townsend, Johnny - Dragons of the Book of Mormon

Townsend, Johnny - Dragons of the Book of Mormon

SKU: 6833480
In this collection of Mormon short stories, we see a supporter of Prop 8 forced to attend his boss's gay wedding. A devout Latter-day Saint struggling to pay his bills wonders if he should keep paying tithing, even after being excommunicated. A reporter seeks the identity of Salt Lake's new superhero--a masked man wearing temple clothes who mysteriously shows up at crime scenes. A woman is murdered in the temple on her wedding day. A man injured in a terrorist bombing reflects on his own contribution to the misery in the world. A young woman confronted by eye-opening information on the Internet makes a heroic quest to the Church Office Building in Salt Lake to discover the answers to her questions. A man committed to marrying a virgin in the temple loses his wife on their wedding anniversary. One of the Three Nephites is missing in Pasadena.
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