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Townsend, Johnny - Breaking the Promise of the Promised Land

Townsend, Johnny - Breaking the Promise of the Promised Land

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Breaking the Promise of the Promised Land : How Religious Conservatives Failed America  

By aligning themselves over the past 60 years with the most conservative wing of the Republican Party, Mormons became leading contributors to the cultural and moral decay of America. Mormon prophets have long declared that God set America apart for the righteous. It was to be a land of freedom, justice, and peace, a place where the Lamanites could blossom as the rose, a country so righteous that the affairs of the entire world would be conducted here during the Millennium.

But when Mormons tired of being "a peculiar people" and chose to side with the most repressive evangelicals, they chose to make America the land of the imprisoned, poor, and oppressed. While declaring their allegiance to the Prince of Peace, they've chosen to support policies that have kept America at war almost non-stop for the last six decades.

Rather than continue following old men who tell them what an invisible God wants them to do, they might consider offering practical and humane assistance that the people all around them visibly need.
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