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Tharp, Jason - It's Okay to Be a Unicorn!

Tharp, Jason - It's Okay to Be a Unicorn!

SKU: 9781250311320
An inspiring picture book about a unicorn pretending to be a horse—until he learns to embrace who he really is.
Cornelius J. Sparklesteed is known among all the other horses in Hoofington for his beautiful and creative hats. But Cornelius is hiding a secret under his tall, pointy hat: He’s really a unicorn.

Hoofington is a friendly place, but its horses pass on lots of mean rumors about unicorns. (“Their horns are too sharp!” “All they care about is magic!” “They fart rainbows!”) When Cornelius is chosen to perform onstage for this year’s Hoofapalooza, will he find the courage to show everyone his true self?

It's Okay To Be a Unicorn is an inspiring story about putting kindness out into the world. Creator Jason Tharp is building a platform about kindness, and this is his most personal book yet.
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