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Steinem, Gloria - Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem

Steinem, Gloria - Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem

SKU: 9780316706360
This updated paperback edition of Gloria Steinem's classic bestseller -- called "the ultimate self-help book" by the Los Angeles Times -- features a new Preface by the author. 

For decades, Gloria Steinem has led a social revolution against injustice. In Revolution from Within, she sets out to restore the authority and self-confidence that such injustice has undermined. Steinem uses stories from her own life and the lives of others to illustrate the many connections between the personal and the political, offering readers lessons on how to bring down barriers to equality—both external and internal.

“This book has stayed in print longer than anything I’ve ever written. I think this is because the idea of self-esteem is so basic. Words may change, from self-esteem and self-respect to Gay Pride and Black Lives Matter, but the principle remains the same. Valuing the unique self within each of us is the source of democracy and rebelling against injustice.” —Gloria Steinem, from the Preface 

“Gloria Steinem is herself a one-woman revolution. Now she inspires us yet again with her moral clarity, her wit, and a message that we are in dire need of hearing—that the revolution must be both personal and political if we are ever to create a truly decent and equal world for women.” —Susan Faludi
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