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Sprinkle, Preston M - Embodied

Sprinkle, Preston M - Embodied

SKU: 9780830781225
Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say

From New York Times–bestselling author Preston Sprinkle (PhD), Embodied is a thoughtful Christian approach to the transgender conversation that radiates both love and compassion while navigating the theological, scientific, and relational complexity of the topic.
  Compassionate, biblical, and thought-provoking, Embodied is an accessible guide for Christians who want help navigating issues related to the transgender conversation. 
Preston Sprinkle draws on Scripture, as well as real-life stories of individuals struggling with gender dysphoria, to help you understand the complexities and emotions of this highly relevant topic. This book fills the great need for Christians to speak into the confusing and emotionally charged questions surrounding the transgender conversation.
With careful research and an engaging style, Embodied explores:
What it means to be transgender, nonbinary, and gender-queer, and how these identities relate to being male or female
Why most stereotypes about what it means to be a man and woman come from the culture and not the Bible
What the Bible says about humans created in God’s image as male and female, and how this relates to transgender experiences
Moral questions surrounding medical interventions such as sex reassignment surgery
Which pronouns to use and how to navigate the bathroom debate
Why more and more teens are questioning their gender
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