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Shrum, Brianna R. - Rebel Boys and Rescue Dogs, or Things That Kiss with Teeth

Shrum, Brianna R. - Rebel Boys and Rescue Dogs, or Things That Kiss with Teeth

SKU: 2714589
A young adult romantic comedy that will appeal to fans of 10 Things I Hate About You and Jenn Bennett's Alex, Approximately.
Seventeen-year-old Brynn Riley is on a hundred committees, has earned teacher's pet in practically every class she's ever taken, and is on track to make valedictorian.
But one night, Brynn makes a mistake. A big one.
Why wouldn't the cops show up on the one night she's ever cut loose in her life? Why wouldn't she be assigned community service for one tiny mistake? And why, of all things, wouldn't a boy from school happen to work at the pitbull rescue where she chooses to do her community service hours?
Oliver West's dad owns the rescue. And Oliver works there as his second in command. And Brynn and Oliver both know that she absolutely screwed him out of a major scholarship opportunity at school earlier in the semester. If he tells anyone at school that she was arrested, everything she's worked so hard for will be disappear.
If Brynn doesn't want her secret spilled, she'd better start taking Oliver seriously. He'll keep quiet if she helps him get another shot at the scholarship project (since she ruined it, after all).
As the two get closer, the stakes begin to shift. Brynn starts to want Oliver for more than the community service checkmark that will give her back her squeaky-clean record, and Oliver, as it turns out, takes Brynn Riley very, very seriously. But, well . . . you know what they say: Nothing brings people together like blackmail, pitbulls, and court-ordered community service.
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