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Rex, Katy - Jade Street Protection Services

Rex, Katy - Jade Street Protection Services

SKU: 9781628751581
Teen delinquent magical girls fight patriarchy and systemic oppression in this whipsmart YA adventure.Divya, Kai, Noemi, Saba, and Emma ditch detention and stumble upon an insidious social conspiracy that makes them question everything they thought they knew.Combining punk rock ethos with manga aesthetic, Katy Rex (Charmed), Annie Wu (Black Canary), Kiki Jenkins (Sex Death Revolution), Fabian Lelay (We Are The Danger), and Mara Jayne Carpenter (Breathless) explore teen angst and class struggle with a healthy dose of love and laughs.“The girls of Jade Street are not here for cosmetics and they don't fight using tiaras and magic rods. They are highly trained magical girls with a lust for life and a thirst for combat. And when things go south, they're the ones you want looking out for you. And they have that great strength that some other groups of magical girls lack, real honest diversity.” -Jeremy Whitley (Princeless, The Pirate Princess, The Unstoppable Wasp)"
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