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*PREORDER* White, Andrew Joseph - Compound Fracture

*PREORDER* White, Andrew Joseph - Compound Fracture

SKU: 9781682636121

September 3, 2024


New York Times bestselling author Andrew Joseph White returns with an Appalachian thriller, in which a trans autistic teen survives an attempted murder, only to get drawn into the generational struggle between the rural poor and those who exploit them.


In 1917, Saint Abernathy—socialist, young father, and figurehead of a labor strike in the mountains of West Virginia—was publicly executed by law enforcement. In 2017, Miles Abernathy—his great-great-grandson—wakes up in the hospital, the latest casualty of a blood feud that began with the railroad spike hammered into Saint’s mouth.


Miles, a seventeen-year-old trans boy, knows he’ll never see justice. The sheriff’s son and his friends leave destruction in their wake, dead bodies and trauma too deep to dig out. If Miles speaks up, says they’re the ones that did this to him? He’ll be lucky if his parents are alive enough to flee the state.


But then Miles accidently kills one of the boys who hurt him, and Saint Abernathy is back, a century’s worth of fury and revenge, saying that Miles might be the one to end this feud once and for all. To free his family from a hundred years of cruelty, all Miles has to do is finish the job.

Expected to ship September 2024
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