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Novoa, Gabe Cole - The Diablo's Curse

Novoa, Gabe Cole - The Diablo's Curse

SKU: 9780593378052

February 20, 2024


From the award-winning author of The Wicked Bargain comes a high-stakes race to defeat a curse designed to kill--about a teen demon who wants to be human, a boy cursed to die young, and the murderous island destined to bury them both.


Dami is a demon determined to cancel every deal they've ever made in order to tether their soul to earth and become human again. There's just one person standing in their way: Silas. An irresistibly (and stubborn) cute boy cursed to die young, except for the deal with Dami that is keeping him alive. If they cancel the deal, Silas is dead. Unless... they can destroy the curse that has plagued Silas's family for generations. But to do so, Dami and Silas are going to have to work together. That is, if the curse doesn't kill them first. . . .


Story Locale: 1821, an island off the coast of Connecticut

Series Overview: This is the second book from Gabe. It is not a sequel to The Wicked Bargain but takes place in the same world.

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