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Pich, Elizabeth - Fungirl

Pich, Elizabeth - Fungirl

SKU: P273019
Graphic Novels----October 12, 2021----Contemporary Women, LGBT, Humorous

FUNGIRL is a hapless (hopeless) hot mess of a woman crashing through life, leaving chaos in her wake. Although her oblivious antics infuriate her roommate, terrify the teenage skaters she tries to impress, and threaten her every opportunity for employment, FUNGIRL remains charming, transgressive, and hilarious. Pich's cartoonish art is simple and quirky, with clean lines and bold colors. The art transforms potentially graphic scenes of sex and violence into adorably cute, almost sweet, vignettes. Pich renders FUNGIRL's particular messiness deliciously palatable, like an inappropriate wedding cake.

About the Author
Elizabeth Pich is a German-American comic artist. After studying arts and computer science, she is currently working on an algorithm that will write all her jokes for her so she has more time to sit back and enjoy nutbars. She is the co-creator of the hugely popular Instagram comic War and Peas
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