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Mootoo, Shani - Cane Fire

Mootoo, Shani - Cane Fire

SKU: 6814206
My mother was an Anglican
My father was a priest
Together they prayed real hard
When spring came (and the Pitch Lake overflowed)
They reaped the smoothest stones you've ever seen

From internationally celebrated writer and visual artist Shani Mootoo comes Cane Fire, an immersive and vivid collection that marks a long-awaited return to poetry.

Akin to a poetic memoir, past and present are in conversation with each other throughout this evocative, sensual collection as the narrator moves from Ireland to San Fernando, and finally to Canada. The reinterpretations and translation of this journey and associated family history give the present meaning. Through these deeply personal poems, and Mootoo's own artwork, we begin to understand how a life can not only be shaped, but even reimagined.
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