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Moosopp - Sunshine Boy, vol 1

Moosopp - Sunshine Boy, vol 1

SKU: K811963
YA Graphic Novel----January 1, 2018

Kelly, the young son of a loving couple, is sweet but a little awkward. His parents are supportive, but they’re dealing with problems of their own, and their move to a new home has left Kelly struggling to fit in. Luckily, an outgoing boy named Grey lives next door–and he immediately takes Kelly under his wing. Even if Kelly is about to learn that the world isn’t always a kind place, he has his family, Grey, and a motley crew of friends and neighbors behind him…and they know he’ll be strong enough to become the man he was meant to be.

This slice-of-life comedy/slow-burn romance will charm your socks off, especially for fans of Yotsuba&! and Wandering Son. Follow Kelly and his loved ones as they grow up together!

The ebook contains chapters 1-3 of Sunshine Boy with retouched artwork, plus the future short story “Rain or Shine” and exclusive bonus material!
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