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Mitchell, Saundra - Out There: Into the Queer New Yonder

Mitchell, Saundra - Out There: Into the Queer New Yonder

SKU: 9781335425898
From some of today's most exciting queer young adult authors comes an out-of-this-world anthology of thought-provoking sci-fi and speculative stories that star LGBTQ+ teens.

Venture into the queer new yonder!

To conclude the trio of anthologies that started with critically acclaimed All Out and Out Now, Out There features seventeen original sci-fi and speculative short stories from amazing queer YA authors.

Explore near-futures and far-off-worlds where the human consciousness can be uploaded into a body on Mars...where an alien helps a girl decide if she should tell her best friend how she feels...where two teens get stuck in a time loop at a space station...where people are forced to travel to the past or the future to escape the dying planet...where only a nonbinary person can translate the binary code of a machine that predicts the future...where everyone in the world vanishes except for two teen girls who are in love.

This essential and beautifully written collection immerses and surprises with each turn of the page.
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