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Mieli, Mario - Towards a Gay Communism: Elements of a Homosexual Critique

Mieli, Mario - Towards a Gay Communism: Elements of a Homosexual Critique

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Philosophy & Political Theory / Translated Nonfiction----May 20, 2018----LGBT Studies - Gay Studies, Political Ideologies - Communism, Post-Communism & Socialism, Political Ideologies - Radicalism

First published in Italian in 1977, Mario Mieli's groundbreaking book is an early landmark of revolutionary queer theory - now available for the first time in a complete and unabridged English translation. Among the most important works ever to address the relationship between homosexuality, homophobia and capitalism, Mieli's essay continues to pose a radical challenge to today's dominant queer theory and politics. With extraordinary prescience, Mieli exposes the efficiency with which capitalism co-opts 'perversions' which are then 'sold both wholesale and retail'. In his view the liberation of homosexual desire requires the emancipation of sexuality from both patriarchal sex roles and capital. Drawing heavily upon Marx and psychoanalysis to arrive at a dazzlingly original vision, Towards a Gay Communism is a hitherto neglected classic that will be essential reading for all who seek to understand the true meaning of sexual liberation under capitalism today.

Translated from Italian by David Fernbach and Evan Calder Williams

Mario Mieli was a leading figure in the Italian gay movement of the 1970s. David Fernbach studied at London School of Economics. He is the editor of a three-volume 2010 edition of Marx's Political Writings and author of The Spiral Path: A Gay Contribution to Human Survival.
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