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Metaphysical Dreamweaver: The Art of Enrico V. Pinardi

Metaphysical Dreamweaver: The Art of Enrico V. Pinardi

SKU: 9781879985223
Pinardi's work reflects the heritage of early twentieth-century surrealism while showcasing a minimalistic approach, trompe l'oeil style, and creative skill across several media. Throughout his prolific career, Pinardi produced a series of paintings and sculptures dealing with both the dream world and the viewer's consciousness by integrating art's historical and religious symbols into his own experiences. He has developed an individual style that honors, builds upon, and establishes new modes of dealing with the subconscious. This book, which includes an in-depth essay by Francine Koslow Miller and 125 full-color illustrations, introduces the reader to Pinardi's exceptional career as he integrated his unique life experience into a body of thought-provoking artwork.
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