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[Marvel] Dawn of X Vol. 16

[Marvel] Dawn of X Vol. 16

SKU: A716470
Intrigue in the Dawn of X! The Jonathan Hickman-led reimagining of mutantkind continues! The New Mutants fi ght to protect the next generation of mutantkind! Wolverine is the best he can be! Storm's life hangs in the balance in a giant-size adventure! Excalibur face otherworldly threats! And the X-Men are at the center of it all! But what lies in store for Krakoa as the events of Empyre conclude? COLLECTING: New Mutants (2019) 12, Wolverine (2020) 5, Giant-Size X-Men: Storm (2020) 1, Empyre: X-Men (2020) 4, Excalibur (2019) 12, X-Men (2019) 12
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