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[Marvel] Dawn of X Vol. 11

[Marvel] Dawn of X Vol. 11

SKU: 9781302927684
Love, violence and power in the Dawn of X! The Marauders set their sights on the powerdampening technology that has made its way into far too many hands! As one member of X-Force struggles with their secrets unraveling, the rest of the squad must fi ght to stay alive! The New Mutants can help those developing new abilities, no matter how weird and dangerous...right? When mutant babies go missing, Cable akes it personally - almost as personally as his complicated love life! But when did the X-Men get sidekicks?! Who the heck are the Children
of the Atom? Meanwhile, the Hellions can barely
keep from killing one another, let alone fi nd a
way to be productive citizens of Krakoa! COLLECTING: Marauders (2019) 10, X-Force (2019) 10, New Mutants (2019) 10, Cable (2020) 2, Children of the Atom (2020) 1, Hellions (2020) 2
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