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Lemson, Sean - It's OK to Be Gay

Lemson, Sean - It's OK to Be Gay

SKU: 9781733004206
Teenage suicide rates are rising and a disproportionate number of the victims are homosexual. It is this alarming trend that motivated author Sean Lemson to write "It's OK to Be Gay." Lemson knows from experience the challenges that so many gay, lesbian, and bisexual people face while coming of age and becoming comfortable with their own sexuality. So many struggle alone wondering whether friends and loved ones will understand and accept them, or reject them.

Lemson starts by teaching us an important skill we'll need: how to challenge our own opinions. He then moves methodically through the most common objections to homosexuality from religion to internalized homophobia. Along the way he dispels stereotypes and gives tips to safely come out of the closet and deal with bullying. The book speaks to both gay and straight readers about the value of living an authentic life - and to trusting that life can get better even when things are feeling hopeless.
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