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Leikam, Katie - Gender Identity Journal

Leikam, Katie - Gender Identity Journal

SKU: L725048
Prompts and Practices for Exploration and Self-DiscoveryExplore your gender identity through guided journalingFiguring out your gender identity can be a sensitive time in your life, filled with questions about the core of who you are as a person. This journal will guide you through self-reflection as you examine your gender identity. Whether you just started questioning your identity or are in the middle of your exploration, you'll find guidance and exercises that inspire you to get to know yourself on your own terms.An intro to gender identity--Learn about gender identity, what investigating your gender looks like, and the terminology for common identities across the gender spectrum.Support for your journey--Find compassionate guidance to help you reflect on who you've been and who you want to be, embrace your gender identity, and more.A variety of exercises--Gain a better understanding of your gender identity through thought-provoking journal entries, drawing prompts, mindfulness meditations, and positive affirmations.Feel more confident and affirmed in the core of who you are with help from The Gender Identity Journal.
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