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Laver, Jeff - A Happier Year

Laver, Jeff - A Happier Year

SKU: 5318090
The stories in this book are about homosexuality within the sometimes baffling world of Mormonism. Earlier versions of these stories were described by non-Mormon reviewers as "relatable," "haunting," "insightful," "captivating," and "thought-provoking." Accompany the characters herein as they face the dilemmas of those whose lives don't fit the assigned mold-good people dealing with uncomfortable issues such as questions of good and evil. or religious power- truth and self-deception-self-discovery and coming of age-growing old-despair and hope-love and sex.

Mormon, ex-Mormon, and non-Mormon alike will be entertained as they encounter the confusion and sorrow, but also the joy, in these tales.
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