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Labelle, Sophie - Wish Upon A Satellite

Labelle, Sophie - Wish Upon A Satellite

SKU: 9781772602579
Ciel and their friends are back in this new book for teens as they deal with the difficulties of growing up and dating, not to mention keeping up at school.

The glaciers are melting and the climate crisis is on their mind, but nothing shakes the foundations of non-binary teen Ciel’s world more than sharing an unexpected kiss with their best friend, Stephie. Everything they thought was clear is suddenly all mixed up—and that’s without the new problems at school: sexting, peer pressure, and overdue book reports.

In this new book for teens, Sophie Labelle’s beloved characters first introduced in Ciel and Ciel in All Directions are leaving childhood behind and grappling with new questions of identity, loyalty, and how to negotiate dating and relationships in the age of social media.
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