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Kruger Stein, Mary Charity - Fatherless, Fearless, Female: A Memoir

Kruger Stein, Mary Charity - Fatherless, Fearless, Female: A Memoir

SKU: 9781631527555
In this #MeToo tale of single mothers and fatherless children, a Rust Belt farm girl escapes poverty, weds, has a son, is widowed and then falls in love with a young man whose Jewish mother opposes their relationship. Follow their love story, struggles, and international adventures as they travel from Brooklyn to Greece, Israel, and Iran.

Mary, a Rust Belt farm girl, the bastard child of an unwed, unconventional single mother, claws her way out of poverty and weds, but soon stumbles over the myth of monogamy. When her first husband, Don, dies, she seeks a more honest, equitable relationship, determined that her infant son, Billy, will not be a fatherless child as she was. The day before she leaves on a freighter for Greece, she meets Isaac in the East Village, and their romance blooms as they shuttle back and forth between Brooklyn and Crete. In addition to the distance between them, however, Mary must also take on Isaac’s conventional Jewish mother and all her beliefs about how and where they should live.

Fatherless, Fearless, Female follows the international adventures of the dauntless Mary as she moves from a mob-operated strip joint in Chicago to the vineyards and villages of Crete, from art schools in New York and Jerusalem to the Imperial Iranian Air Force Base in Isfahan during the revolution of ’78. Along the way, she navigates through a maze of broken vows, broken families, and broken educational systems—and learns, at last, the value of love and the true meaning of her mother’s deathbed story.
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