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Kovarik, Michael W. - Healing Within: My Journey with Breast Cancer

Kovarik, Michael W. - Healing Within: My Journey with Breast Cancer

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This book was written by Under the Umbrella's owner's dear uncle who passed away from metastatic breast cancer in 2021. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to METavivor, a nonprofit Michael was involved in for much of his journey with breast cancer. 

Healing Within...

...came to be from my journey with breast cancer. This healing passage evolved over a few years. It did not present itself right away, but transpired when I was ready for it to begin. First, I had to become conscious of this path and perfect a balance within.
With my initial diagnosis, I gave full authority to my traditional doctors, a traditional drug therapy, and fear. It would take a second discovery of this illness to fuse me with my heart and soul.
My journey to heal within drew me to a path reaching the deepest caverns of my being. It was a remarkable awakening of my ability to hear the whispers of my inner voice as it guided me to who I truly am to be.
It is this disease, so grounded in dread and fear, that had the power to awaken me to my heart, my soul, and the quest they were guiding me to be part of. Its precious gift, life: a full life.

"When listening to our inner voice, we embrace its message, treasure its guidance, and trust its love. This comforting, intimate instrument gently guides us in discovering our authentic self, one's genuine life path, and the potential we possess to truly heal within."
-- Michael W. Kovarik

About the Author
Michael was an elementary teacher for thirty-four years. HIs passage with breast cancer began in 2007. It was with a second diagnosis in 2010 that Michael embarked on this journey to heal within. Michael continued his journey in Greenwich, New York, where he lived with his partner, Tim, and their dogs, Polar and Macy, until his passing in September 2021.
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