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Koenecke, Lisa - Be An Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ+

Koenecke, Lisa - Be An Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ+

Allyship----April 3, 2021----LGBT, LGBT Studies - Gay Studies

Be an Inclusion Ally brilliantly illuminates the path to becoming the most supportive Ally you can be both personally and professionally. This book is the quintessential fast, funny, and ready resource for educating yourself and others about the LGBTQ+ community. With wit and wisdom woven throughout, it's a goldmine for individuals who have questions, but don't know whom to ask. This book celebrates YOU for being willing to learn more and create an inclusionary workplace or school.

"Be an Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ" is a practical guide to understanding and supporting family, friends, colleagues, or anyone in the LBGTQ+ community. Written in an easy to follow, friendly style, this guide will provide concrete steps to those seeking to become an ally or an Ally. Ideal for personal learning, shared exploration, and instruction, this is an invaluable resource. Not to be missed! Highly recommended.

What you'll find inside: ABCs of LGBTQ-a primer of information to answer your questions including "What does this mean?" "How can I celebrate with you?" or "Where did this come from?" Resources to support further learning about the issues, vocabulary and events in the LGBTQ+ world. Quotations to share and ponder. Calendar of events to celebrate LGBTQ+ as an Ally. Wisdom and lots of humor.
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