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Hill, Gerri - Great Charade

Hill, Gerri - Great Charade

SKU: 290794J
Abby Carpenter is in a tailspin knowing she is about to spend ten days in the company of her ex-girlfriend--who is now engaged to her brother--for a family holiday gathering in Red River, New Mexico. The same ex-girlfriend who last year at Christmas had lured her into bed. Abby's solution? A pretend girlfriend for the holidays would surely keep her ex away and in her own room at night, right?Nic Bennett's life has been far from ideal and Christmas is her most dreaded holiday of all as she relives horrors from the past. When an attractive stranger approaches her with the offer of a chance to get away for ten days, she agrees. But with a counteroffer that brings both anxiety and excitement to the desperate Abby.Among the holiday lights and snow-covered grandeur, the lines between pretend and reality blur as the two women have the time of their lives. Soon Abby learns it isn't her ex she can't resist. And Nic learns what it means to be part of a family for Christmas.
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