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Hernandex, Mili - Federico Y Sus Familias

Hernandex, Mili - Federico Y Sus Familias

SKU: 418053H
Board Book----June 9, 2020----

Roof to roof, Federico the cat visits all his families everyday: Tadeo and his grandparents, Anna and her two Moms; Virginia, with her Mom and Dad, Paula and her two Dads... All of them different, all of them loved by Federico. Unconditionally.

This little jewel is perfect to show the smallest of the house that love can be found in any family. By author and compromised activist for diversity Mili Hernández and illustrator Gómez.

El gato Federico visita de tejado en tejado a todas sus familias. A Tadeo, que vive con sus abuelos; a Ana y sus dos mamás; A Virginia, su papá y su mamá... Son familias diferentes y Federico las quiere a todas por igual.

About the Author
Mili Hernández is a well-known activist for LGTBQ rights. She is a bookseller in Berkana bookstore, a milestone for diversity in Spain. She is also an editor and founder of EGALES, an publishing house born in 1995, specialized in LGTBQ literature. Federico and All His Families is her first children's book.
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