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Hannon, Gerald - Immoral, Indecent & Scurrilous

Hannon, Gerald - Immoral, Indecent & Scurrilous

SKU: 9781770866027
A memoir from a journalist, LGBTQ+ activist and unrepentant sex radical charged for writing indecent, immoral and scurrilous material in a groundbreaking case of freedom of expression.

When 18-year-old Gerald Hannon left his small mining community in Marathon, Ontario, to attend the University of Toronto, he never would have predicted he’d become part of LGBTQ+ history. Almost 60 years later, he reflects on the major moments in his career as a journalist and LGBTQ+ activist. From the charges of transmitting immoral, indecent and scurrilous literature laid against him and his colleagues at The Body Politic to his dismissal from his teaching post at Ryerson University for being a sex worker, this memoir candidly chronicles Hannon’s life as an unrepentant sex radical.
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