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Guel, MB - Internet Famous

Guel, MB - Internet Famous

SKU: 608216F
Billie Alvarez is your average punk rock loving high school senior who just wants to hang out with her best friend, Rex, and get her ex-girlfriend back. In a half-baked attempt to impress her by auditioning for the lead part in the school musical, Billie gets turned down because she's a girl trying out for a traditionally male part. When her online rant about the school being homophobic goes viral, she must navigate her newfound fame along with the typical drama that comes with getting through high school.Between rehearsals, trying to get her band back together and an endless onslaught of online admirers, Billie must decide what's important to her. Is it the fleeting happiness of getting attention online? Figuring out what she wants to do after high school? Or getting her ex back?Then there's her co-star in the school play, who's getting much more interesting now that they're spending more time rehearsing together.
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