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Gershman, Charles - Free & Proud

Gershman, Charles - Free & Proud

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Free and Proud dissects the disintegrating relationship between two American men from different backgrounds. Hakeem is an immigrant from Nigeria, a driven, loyal, righteous guy who's worked hard to build a career for himself as a scientist. His husband, Jeremy, is white, privileged, American, lazy, unfaithful, unable to grow up, and wracked with guilt.

The couple seem an odd match, and we see the dishonesty already at the heart of the relationship when they decide to marry. This continues as they begin to grow further apart, showing not only how this couple lose their way, but also how many relationships falter - we can recognise upsetting and perhaps familiar patterns of partnerships that gradually dissipate over time (WeeReview).
Free & Proud examines the dynamics of a messy relationship and how sometimes it takes a disaster in order to make sense of the present. It was performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018.
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