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Federici, Silvia - Spectre: Patriarchy of the Wage

Federici, Silvia - Spectre: Patriarchy of the Wage

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Spectre: Patriarchy of the Wage: Notes on Marx, Gender, and Feminism  

At a time when we are witnessing a worldwide expansion of capitalist relations, a feminist rethinking of Marx's work is vitally important. In Patriarchy of the Wage, Silvia Federici, bestselling author and the most important Marxist feminist of our era, asks why Marx's crucial analysis of the exploitation of human labor was blind to women's work and struggle on the terrain of social reproduction. Why was Marx unable to anticipate the profound transformations in the proletarian family that took place at the turn of the nineteenth century creating a new patriarchal regime? Patriarchy of the Wage does more than just redefine classical Marxism. It is an urgent call for a new kind of radical politics.
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