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Durgun, Samet - Come Get Your Honey

Durgun, Samet - Come Get Your Honey

SKU: 9783969000311
Portraits of the trans* and queer refugee community in Berlin, Germany.

What if photography is more »listening« than seeing? Come Get Your Honey uses this question as a compass while telling a story about the trans* and queer refugees in Berlin. It is the photographer’s journey of weaving bonds at eye-level with individuals through vulnerability, friendship, and joy. Samet Durgun strives to depict each individual as complex human beings in their wholeness, trying to establish a new home in a foreign country and an extremely polarized political climate. He goes beyond the common narratives about LGBTQIA+ and refugee communities, which tend to reduce them to their agony, either by surgically exploring their body from the »outsider gaze« or romanticizing their struggle. Samet Durgun (b. 1988) based in Berlin, is German with a Turkish migration background and of Abkhazian descent. He holds a BA from Bogazici University, Turkey.
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